About Us

Mic'n'Cycle, a Sol brothers venture is a full-service media communications agency committed to creating a space for your brand/business in the mind of consumers. Inspired from the marketing announcements rife in the yester years; made using a microphone mounted on a roaming bicycle, we ensure that your message reaches across to all sections of the society through our bespoke media neutral solutions.

Our integrated services include branding, advertising, social-media marketing, media planning, public relations, CRM and sales-promotion all under one roof. We aim to connect brands, products and services with your target audience in the best possible way ensuring optimum returns for your investment - both time and money. We understand that your needs are unique and requires a focussed and customised approach to meet them. Whether a one off activity or an integrated marketing campaign, Mic'n'Cycle can provide you the necessary strategic direction with our broader depth of expertise, streamlined planning and execution ensuring better results for your communication needs.

Mic 'N' Cycle Promotions